Custom Woodwork

Thoughtfully Planned, Masterfully Crafted

Here you will find several handcrafted items among the many that Nelson Woodcraft has become renowned for. Our craft is largely self-taught, and is influenced by our faith, studies in fine art, and a passion for working with wood. We think you'll be amazed by the quality and uniqueness of these items. We guarantee any product crafted by us will be treasured for its durability and design. Our goal is to make heirloom-quality products that are both beautiful and functional. We hope this page conveys the care and effort we take, the talent we provide, and the joy it gives us when we succeed in pleasing our customers. The photos displayed in this web portfolio should give you an idea of what we can do. Please do not feel limited by what you see! A large percentage of our business pertains to orders for custom and one-of-a-kind pieces. We are happy to work with you in create something unique that will meet your needs.


This altar was designed & built by Nelson Woodcraft for a Catholic parish in Harrisburg, PA. One of several pieces in a complete altar set built for the church.


This beautiful double-kneeler brings to life the scripture, "the two shall be one in Christ." This piece was designed as a wedding gift for a couple that used the kneeler in their wedding. It was handcrafted out of solid cherry wood. The cross was constructed from walnut and the beams that support the cross were steamed and bent in our shop. This truly is an exquisite piece of work! If you are interested in this kneeler, or have a request for a kneeler you would like to design, please email us.


This outdoor Marian shrine, made of cedar hardwood, was custom-manufactured for a customer to imitate similar European shines. Eventually the popularity of this type of product led us to develop our current line of outdoor divine shrines, which we sell on a regular basis.


This ornate relicquary is an example of the master craftsmanship that defines Nelson Woodcraft. It was commissioned to hold a first-class relic of St. Faustina for the feast of Divine Mercy Sunday. The cross is removable, the rays are handcrafted and stained to reflect the blood and water that flow from the Divine Mercy image as envisioned by St. Faustina. Relicquaries such as these can be requested for any relic. Let us know your needs! Call (1-800-895-6267) or email us today.